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Client Testimonials(客户评论)

Dr. Yuan
Jenny is honest, strategic, very patient, and utterly professional. She knows the Ithaca real estate market exceedingly well. Jenny understands my needs and always has my best interest at the forefront. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny Chai to anyone seeking to buy or sell property in the Ithaca area.


Dr. Ewoh:
I am a non-resident of NY state but I visit Itheca frequently because my in-laws lived there. In 2006, I decided to buy a 2 family home in Ithaca. Jenny helped me through the whole process and I was very pleased with the entire process. In 2010, I told Jenny that I wanted to sell the property. She advised me not to sell at that point and she promised to call me when the market improves. I got a call from Jenny in the spring of 2013 that the market had improved and that it was OK to sell now. She handled it form there and within 3 weeks she found a buyer. Jenny is a wonderful agent and she's dedicated to her job.


Dr. He
Jenny sold my house in 2005, and handled the closing process on behalf of my family while we already moved out of state. Six years later when I decided to move back, it was natural that I entrusted Jenny again to find a house in Ithaca. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion for her job, and just simply entrusted her. She is very efficient and energetic, and she would guide me and follow up on each step of the selling/buying process. It was really helpful at the time when I was busy moving in/out.


Dr. Jin
Jenny is an excellent professional in Ithaca real estate market, and she understands what I need and keeps me informed. I am really happy with the deal she got for me when I decided to buy a house via her. I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property in Ithaca area.


Dr. Shui
Very happy to have bought my house 2 years ago through Jenny. She is professional and kept me informed in the whole process.Very helpful and friendly. Score 10/10.


Dr. Xie
I am very impressed by Jenny's professional work and hardwoking ethics, I would recommmend Jenny to my friends because she provided really good services for me. Thank you.


Dr. Wang
It was very pleasant experience working with Jenny. Jenny is very thoughtful and pays a lot attention to details. The information Jenny sent us was very helpful. We were lucky to have Jenny as our agent this time. I am looking forward to working with Jenny again in the future.


Jenny was very helpful in helping me to purchase a property in Ithaca even though I was on the West Coast. She knew what needed to be done and provided guidance on getting the property purchase with no issues.


Jenny is very professional. She works very hard to help you find the right property and provides you the necessary assistance during the whole process. If you try to buy or sell a property, Jenny is the best choice!


Jenny is very helpful! She is knowledgeable about the properties and gives very good suggestions on making offers. She is considerate about clients and provides help whenever needed. I highly recommend her to anyone who's trying to buy a property!


Jenny always has wonderful suggestions for us. I would recommend Jenny as the best agent in Ithaca.




These Are The Properties Jenny Either Listed or Sold In Recent Years



15 Ayla Way                      141 Autumn Ridge Circle           148 Autumn Ridge Circle

0 Bush Lane                      12 Bush Lane (List)                   12 Bush Lane (Sell)

119 Brook Way (List)         119 Brook Way (Sell)                119 Brook Way (2nd List)

211 Brooktondale Rd.        616 Cascadilla St.                     115 Christopher Circle (List)

115 Christopher Circle       1021 Danby Rd.                        1378 Danby Rd.

19 Dart Drive                      51 Dart Drive                             17 Dart Drive

64 Dart Drive                      121 Dates Rd.                            0 Dutch Mill Rd.

215 Eastern Heights           7 Grandview Dr.                        42 Horvath Dr.

14 Highgate Circle              31 Highgate Circle                     35 Highgate Circle

213 Highgate Rd.               1460 Hanshaw Rd.                     623 Elmira Rd.

2080 Elmira Rd.                  4 Leifs Way                               106 Lexington Dr.

0 Mecklenburg Rd.             216 Millard Hill Rd.                     207 Muriel St

207 Muriel St (list)              305 Muriel St.(List)                     305 Muriel St.(Sell)

306 Muriel St.                     1844 Oak Hill Rd.                       3 Observatory Circle

38 Placid Terrace               38 Placid Terrace (list)               23 Penny Lane

26 Penny Lane                   110 Randolph Rd.                      118 Salem Dr.

214 Sapsuckerwoods         2684 Slaterville Rd.                    1046 W. Seneca St

34 St. Joshph Lane            125 Snyder Hill Rd.                     173 Snyder Hill Rd.

214 Snyder Hill Rd.            531 E. State St.                           138-140 W. State St.

114 Stewart Ave                 213 Spencer St                            6 Stone Creek Dr.

211 Tareyton Dr.                 204 Texas Lane                          811 N. Tioga St

2068 N. Triphammer Rd     1D Vista Lane                              0 S. Van Dorn Rd.

214 Sapsucker Woods Rd. 527 Warren Rd.                           1210 Warren Rd.

109 West Jay St.                147 Whitetail Dr.                           1010 Highland Rd.

202 Winthrop Dr.                325 Winthrop Dr.                          414 Winthrop Dr.

10 Whispering Pines


Condos Jenny Sold at Sevanna Park 

A8 Sevanna Park               A8 Sevanna Park (List)                  A8 Sevanna Park (2nd sell)

B4 Sevanna Park (List)      B4 Sevanna Park (sell)                  B4 Sevanna Park (2nd sell)

C1 Sevanna Park               D8 Sevanna Park                          G1 Sevanna Park

F12 Sevanna Park             FL6 Sevanna Park                         T2B Sevanna Park

T2C Sevanna Park            T6A Sevanna Park                         T6B Sevanna Park

T8B Sevanna Park



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